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Ginger Sushi Bar

345 Villeray, Montreal Quebec

Ginger is a contemporary sushi bar that radically pushes the boundaries of the restaurant experience. SURFACE3 was mandated to redefine the basic design principles that shaped the original Ginger restaurant, located on Pine Ave, and preserve its essence while also seeking opportunities for innovation. SURFACE3 developed the brand strategy, the visual identity and the interior design of the boutique. The booths, for which the original Ginger is known for, served as a point of departure for the research and development of the restaurant's concept. We established that a booth, in some sense, is quite literally nothing more than a container. A container in which moments come to life, full of laughter, happiness, love, sadness, etc. The very nature of a moment is ephemeral. Always moving. Coming and going. And this is precisely what we sought to communicate in the design. The entire restaurant is treated as an installation. A single sculptural object on display in space. It is independent of the building's envelope and gives a sense that one can walk around it. The styling further attempts to provide an illusion of motion. Everything alludes to subtle movements that are, however, paused in time. Ultimately, the booths (containers) provide for an opportunity to capture a single moment all the while preserving the shared experience that people seek in a restaurant




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